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Pippa BOS Waalwijk 2014


September 12 and 20, 2014: On both days Pippa succeeded in obtaining a KNJV-B diploma (cold game test) in Bleiswijk and Dongen (NL).

January 11, 2014: Brabants Hondenfestival 2014: Pippa is rewarded with 1st Excellent in Breedersclass and moves on to BOS! A big thank you to Judge mr. Colm Hastings from Ireland and Colinda van Gurp who handled Pippa again so well!


May 9, 2013: Clubmatch of the GRCN: Pippa 2nd and Excellent in a big Intermediate Class of 15. A big thank you to judge: mrs A. van Luijk Grevelink (Nederland) who thought so highly of our Pippa.

Tijntje scored Excellent in a huge Youth Class of 33 competitors. Judge: mr. Jan Nijland (Nederland)

Both Golden girls were excellently handled by Colinda van Gurp.

March 31, 2013: Luxemburg Dogshow: Both Poppy and Tijntje scored 'Excellent'. Pippa scored 'Very Good'. Judge: mr. Mile Aleksoski (Macedonia). Handling: Colinda van Gurp.


December 9, 2012: Brussels Dogshow: Tijntje Best Puppy-bitch, Poppy 4th Excellent in Open Class and Pippa Excellent in Intermediate Class. Judge: Mr. R.M. Scholes (UK) Handling: Mr. Wim Bernaert.

November 25, 2012: Pippa "Excellent" in Youth Class and Tijntje 'Very Promising' in Puppy Class at Winner Amsterdam 2012. Judges: Pippa: Mr. Laurent Pichard (Ch) and Tijntje was judged by Mr. Wim Wellens (NL). Handling: Colinda van Gurp.

October 20, 2012: Tijntje Best Puppy of Breed and Pippa 2nd in Intermediate Class CAC/CACIB show De Utrecht 2012. Handling: Colinda van Gurp.

A big thank you to the Judges that thought so highly of our girls today: Mrs. F. Lochs-Romans and Mr. W. Wellens (bitches)

October 7, 2012: Tijntje Best Baby of Breed and placed 4th in BBIS! Pippa 2nd in Intermediate Class as the youngest out of 9! Handling: Colinda van Gurp.
Judges: mrs. C. Kunst-van Harten and mrs. T. van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint. IJsselshow 2012 Zwolle NL

September 2, 2012: KV Waalwijk Puppy-Match: Tijntje Best in Show (out of 100 participating pups and after 7 elimination rounds) Handling: Colinda van Gurp. 

August 5, 2012: Clubmatch GRC Belgium: Tijntje is placed 3rd (out of 15) in the Babyclass. Pippa scores an 'Excellent' in Youthclass, competing with 24 other young Golden girls.. Judge: Mr. Peter Drury (UK).

June 3, 2012: CDD of the GRCN at Simonshaven: Poppy gains her first C-Diploma, at the age of 12 months.

February 4, 2012: -CAC/CACIB Eindhoven- Puppy class-
Best Puppy of Breed: Pippa PZZAZZ Princess in Puddles of Love (Mr. A.F. Simons - Nederland)

September 25, 2010 - Golden Retriever Club Belgium -
Penny succeeds in qualifying for the 'Selection of 2010'
Judges: Mrs V. Boesmans, Mr J. De Cuyper, Mr J. Verrees

Some of Penny's show results:

August 8, 2010 - GRC Belgium Clubmatch - open class - Excellent (Mrs. H. Lambshead - UK)
August 14, 2010 - WTP Happening 2010 Belgium - open class
Excellent (Mrs. Wendy Andrews - UK)


January 17, 2009 - Clubmatch KV Waalwijk – intermediate class
3 Excellent ( Mrs. M.Cyárfás – Romania)
February 6, 2009 - Eindhoven CAC/CACIB - intermediate class
2 Excellent (Mrs. M.Sunde – Norway)
March 29, 2009 - Luxemburg Int’l Dog Show- intermediate class
4 Excellent (Mr. Pjotr Krol – Poland)
May 21, 2009 - GRCN Kampioensclubmatch–intermediate class Excellent (Mr. W.Hochstenbach – Nederland)
October 4, 2009 - Zwolle CAC/CACIB - open class
4 Excellent ( Mr. F. Johnsson - Sweden)
November 7, 2009     Bleiswijk CAC/CACIB - open class Excellent (Mrs. B. Roed - Denmark)


Jan 13, 2008 - Clubmatch KV Waalwijk - puppy class
3 Excellent ( Mr. T.Jakkel - Hungary)
May 1, 2008 - GRCN Kampioensclubmatch - youth class
Excellent (Mrs.Audrey Richardson - UK)
June 14, 2008 - Hulten CAC/CACIB - youth class
Excellent (Mrs. Tiranti – UK)
June 22, 2008 - Brussels Dog Show - youth class
4 Excellent (Mrs. Sue Brown – UK)
October 25, 2008 - Utrecht CAC/CACIB - youth class
Excellent (Mrs. D.Winter - Germany)

Working results

  • November 3, 2013: Pippa gains a C-diploma at the GRCN CDD Sint Oedenrode (NL) 45 out 50 pts is her score
  • September 15, 2012: B-diploma (68/80) for Penny at KNJV-proef, Dongen, Netherlands
  • June 3, 2012: CDD of the GRCN at Simonshaven: Poppy gains her first C-Diploma, at the age of barely 12 months!
  • September 18, 2010: KNJV-proef in Heerle (N-Br) Netherlands: B-diploma for Penny
  • March 21, 2010 GRCN Club Diploma Day: C-diploma for Penny
  • April 5, 2009  NLV Dutch Labrador Club: C-Diploma for Penny


    Rob de Vries & Anita Creemers

    Goirle, Noord-Brabant