Welcome at PZZAZZ Golden Retrievers

Dutch Kennel Club
kennelregistration # 266274
associated with the F.C.I.
(Fédération Cynologique Internationale)


So nice of you to visit us!
We would love to introduce you to our Golden Retrievers and our thoughts on this wonder breed of dogs.
In our modest opinion the Golden Retriever represents it all. And if you ask yourself now: ‘What do you mean by that?’ I will say: ‘PZZAZZ’! They possess confidence, are lively and exciting and have an inborn will to please.
Now you know why we chose ‘PZZAZZ’ for our kennel name - this one word says it all!

We try our utmost to offer our Goldens an interesting and healthy life. Each and every one of them is a valued member of our family. They live in our house, day and night, so we can give them the best opportunities for their inbred nature to develop. There is nothing that Goldens like better than to be with their master(s) whether things are peaceful or hectic.

There is a great area, a moor, called ‘Regte Heide’ near our house. Our Goldens get plenty of exercise there either to play, hunt or a refreshing swim. They love to come along to the grocery store where they sit outside and get lots of attentions and many friendly pats. But they are also trained for the show ring and for retrieving when hunting.
At home they get plenty of chances to fool around which often leads to a mandatory shower before being allowed back into the house again.

We prefer our Goldens to excel in conformation as well as being able to perform the task their breed was developed for - the retrieving of small game for their master after the shot; all of which leads to a fine dog with a great character. And if his career leads him to become a challenged family dog, even so he will be the most contented dog ever!
Special attention is being paid to the general health of the breed and we are trying to keep up with worldwide research on hereditary matters within the breed. We participate in genetic testing of our breeding stock and will act and breed accordingly to the results.

Our goal is to breed our bitch only to a stud dog whose health certificates contain the best possible results. Next to the mandatory ECVO eye-examination, their hips and elbows will be checked to get an official FCI result. We will look for the stud dog that has proven himself as a working dog as well as in the conformation ring. We want his health thoroughly checked and want his DNA-profile known.
We are always looking for a stud dog that leads a life comparable to the life of our Goldens, with lots of challenges to keep him sound in mind and body.

All of this cannot be a solid guarantee for healthy offspring, but at this point it is the best possible starting position and where we want to be.

Feel free to contact us!

Rob de Vries & Anita Creemers

Goirle, Noord-Brabant,


member of: Golden Retriever Club Nederland
& Golden Retriever Club België

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