about us

We, Rob and Anita, live in the South of the Netherlands, together with our children and our extended family.  Our home is located between the villages of Goirle and Riel, south of the city of Tilburg and very close to a wonderful area, a moor, called Regte Heide .

Dogs and cats have always been part of Rob's live. Mainly abandoned animals that finally found a loving home at the De Vries’ family.  Anita owned a Markiesje, that tragically died in a traffic accident, in the earlier ‘90s.  (A Markiesje was at that time a ‘Dutch breed in development’). Together we have owned a Hovawart dog, a guardian of house and home, before we lost our hearts to the Golden Retriever.

We chose for a Golden Retriever when the children were still fairly young: between 8 and 12 years of age. At that time we wanted a family dog more than anything else. And when one of our children suggested a Golden Retriever,  we quickly agreed.
So Dollar entered our lives in December 2004. We love and adore him. He is fun, even though he is a bit of a silly dog. He’s attended several obedience classes.

Two years went by when all in our family started to long for one more Golden. Having made a start to learn about purebred dogs, the choice for a purebred Golden was made: that is how ‘show-boy’ Dime entered the family. Anita took him to puppy-class and together they started to go to conformation ring classes . That’s how we met all the wonderful dog-loving people we now call our friends!

In August 2007, puppy-girl Penny came to live with us, thanks to her breeders Jan and Jolanda van der Meulen of ‘Golden Inez’ Kennel. Penny is truly a ‘dual purpose’ Golden Retriever. Healthy and strong and beautiful. She does well in the show-ring and has been trained according to her ‘roots’ to retrieve waterfowl and small game after the gunshot. She is also, like Dollar and Dime, a wonderful companion to all of us. In succession of the great breeders of her ancestors, with Penny we hope to make a modest, but sound, contribution to the wonderful breed of Golden Retrievers, by breeding her to a carefully selected and suitable stud dog.

Still hungry for more knowledge on the subject of purebred dogs,  in 2007 Anita consulted the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland) and found out about classes she could attend. And that is what she has been passionately doing since. An apprentice-ship was also looked for and found at longtime Golden Breeders Mr. and Mrs. Burgmans of ‘Klein Laar’ kennel. Grateful for sharing their knowledge of the breed and its history in the Netherlands, being allowed to witness and participate at the birth of several litters, the upbringing of litters and a couple of matings; these have been the most valuable experiences.

On May 26, 2011 Penny had her first litter of 9 puppies (5 girls, 4 boys) by Mylo (Multi Ch. & Trialer Rayleas My Guy). Their daughters Pippa and Poppy stayed to live with us.

At this time, Anita has succesfully completed the Dutch Kennel Club-class called Exterieur en Bewegingsleer  (Dog conformation and movement).

Rob de Vries & Anita Creemers

Goirle, Noord-Brabant